March 31, 2019

HMF Express is pleased to announce a new business partnership to continue its nationwide growth.  HMF Express will get additional capital and support from Senneca Holdings.  Senneca manages many well-known door brands, including Eliason, Chase, Tiger Door, and Door Engineering.

HMF Express, LLC will continue as an independent operating company focused on being the nation’s best in custom and quick ship hollow metal.

“This is business as usual for HMF Express,” noted Bob Drach, President of HMF Express.  “For HMF Express, business as usual means always trying to get better.  So over time we will use the resources from Senneca to help us get better faster.  Improved employee benefits is a good example of this.”

HMF Express team members are quite excited by the news, and you may talk to them about the positive impact they see with this investment.  You may also talk with sales people from other Senneca affiliated companies as they help cross promote and bring solutions to more customer application challenges.

What HMF Express does

HMF Express makes custom hollow metal doors and frames for the commercial construction market.  Started in 1989, HMF Express now operates in 6 locations nationwide.  Customers depend on HMF Express when their doors and frames are built-to order and lead times are extremely short, as short as one day. No other national hollow metal company can execute on short time frames with the same quality and service levels.

In closing, Bob emphasized, “Our management, team members, systems, products, and industry-leading service all are the same today as they were before the deal several months ago.  These will not change as we double down on our partnership with our customers and their contractors and installers who all depend on us.”


Tech Tips: Hinge Backset

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Hinge backset

What is hinge backset? Hinge backset is the dimension from the edge of the hinge to either the stop on the frame or to the edge of the door.  For operating clearance, the hinge backset on the door is 1/16″ less than the hinge backset on the frame. What is the hinge backset on a […]


Stronger than ever!

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Hurricane Florence is behind us, HMF Express is ready to serve you again!


A New Day is Dawning

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A new day

A new day as HMF Express’ Wilmington, NC plant recovers from hurricane Florence.


Rain, Rain, Go Away!

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Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence throws up a road block in HMF Express’ efforts to serve you from our Wilmington, NC plant.


Tech Tips: Coordinators

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There are 2 basic types of Coordinators. Both only require reinforcements in hollow metal frames for surface mounting.


Now in Philadelphia!

August 19, 2018 News
HMF Express Philadelphia Aerial Image

HMF Express
8825 Torresdale Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19136

Business hours initially are 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Phone number is 910.452.1845.

Manager: Gabriel Manea

This location is right off I95 and is convenient to the PA Turnpike and all of the NJ bridges.

The factory is still in a start-up phase.  We may continue manufacturing orders elsewhere during this transition and will get material to Philadelphia for pickup.  Some Express orders and special products may need to ship from other locations.  We will quote freight terms on an order by order basis.

If you have more questions, please call your sales manager to discuss.  Thank you for your support as we work to improve our service and delivery for you!