Specialty doors

LEAD LINED! STC openings up to STC 54! Also: Dutch Doors, Access Doors, Radius Doors, Over-sized Doors, Special cut-outs, and more. Count on us to meet your unique architectural requirements.

Access door

Why look for an access door that can fit when you can customize an access door to perfectly fit your size frame?


Bullet resistant doors certified to UL-752 level 3 are available in custom sizes on quick ship lead times.


Detention doors are very heavy gauge with unique high-security hardware preps.


Commercial dutch doors to your custom sizes, available with full or half-shelves.

Flush Light or Panel Kit

An integral light kit (aka: "flush kit") contains a vision light or panel while keeping the door surface flush -- a "flush glazed door."

Lead lined

Our steel stiffened lead lined door is made with 1/16" or thicker lead sheet.

Monorail door

Industrial refrigerators, painting areas, and anywhere you have an overhead track...


Custom panels made with flush or embossed skins made for your specific architectural requirements.

Rabbeted edge

Rabbeted edges on any of door or panel edge for a narrow profile or for other design consideration.


Radius or angled opening? No problem! You give us the geometry and we will supply the door.

Screen door

The stainless steel mesh screen within expanded metal is perfect for circulation in secure work areas.

Sound (STC)

Our wide variety of sound control openings cover a range from STC 38 up to STC 54.


These doors are used in sanitized areas and anywhere you need an attractive unfinished surface.

Temperature rise

Temperature rise doors provide additional fire safety for critical escape routes in buildings.


Wicket doors can be small "pass through" doors in a standard opening or standard doors inside over-sized openings.


HMF Express doors are fully compliant with the 2020 version of the Florida Building Code.