PDX SignHMF Express recently teamed up with the old Benson Hollow Metal shop in Portland to bring its legendary custom and quick-ship service to the West Coast.

In its heyday, Benson Hollow Metal was the biggest supplier of hollow metal out of Portland, OR.  In turn, HMF Express is now the biggest custom and quick ship only hollow metal supplier in the USA.  By joining forces, these companies bring you a great new option for your time-sensitive hollow metal projects.

Our plant manager is Pascual Reyes.  Pascual and his team of fabricators and welders bring a good mix of experience and skills to your projects.  The team in Portland is growing and we are bringing in new equipment to support their quality and capacity.  The operation currently is limited to double rabbet, single rabbet, and case opened frame profiles, borrow lights, side light and transom frames, and other simple elevationsKD drywall, KD for customer to weld, and welded.  UL fire labels are pending UL site inspection and expected any day.  Doors are very limited and will be added in the next 12 months.

We appreciate your patience and support as the Portland operation gets started, and apologize in advance if we can’t staff up quickly enough for your initial demand.  We expect to develop into the reliable custom supplier that you’ve been waiting for in the Pacific Northwest.

For more information or to get a quote, please contact sales@hmfexpress.com.

Portland location