Things to Consider

  • A coordinator is used at pairs of doors only
  • Allows doors to be operated independently but assure inactive leaf closes first
  • Soffit mounted requires reinforcement in the head soffit
  • Face mounted requires reinforcement in the head face on the hardware side
  • Will operate if an astragal is present on either or both door leaves


Red Flags

  • Independent action will depend on specific hardware used on each leaf
  • Can only be used with automatic flush bolts (requires active leaf to open 1st)
  • Not for use with manual or self latching flush bolts or surface bolts
  • Must be used in conjunction with door closers


2 types of soffit mounted coordinators (above) and 1 face mounted type Inactive door will raise the face mounted coordinator out of the opening when closed Active door will swing under the face mounted coordinator when inactive door is closed
When active door opens, a lever extends toward door When inactive door opens, another lever extends and locks lever on active side When inactive door closes, lever is forced to retract and releases lever at active door