Where there is smoke there is Fire!

HMF Express doors and frames are suitable for smoke door applications when used with classified smoke and draft control components that bear the “S” mark and Category H smoke and draft control gaskets.  This includes three sided frames without transoms (single swing, pairs, double egress pairs and multiple opening frames).  Door frames with lights additionally require glazing materials classified as components in fire door assemblies complying with UL 10C.

Our customers are wholly responsible for ensuring that they provide all material that meets building code requirements for a smoke and draft control openings.  We are responsible for communicating what requirements must be met for the label to be applicable and listed.

UL:                                                                                 WHI:



Smoke doors and frames receive an auxiliary “S” label similar to the ones pictured above.  They must also have a fire label applied.  The smoke label is in addition to the hourly fire rating and means nothing without it.  In other words, don’t sell a door or frame with a smoke label only.  Provide the fire protection rating and also specify that the door or frame receive an auxiliary “S” (smoke) label.