Specialty frames

Special applications require special frames. When your project requires a radius, bullet, sound transmission, or other special frame — give us a call!

2 piece slip

A two piece slip together profile frame. It is only manufactured with double rabbets and in knock-down construction.

4-sided (access)

With unlimited possible opening height and width, HMF Express can provide a solution for any access problem

Bullet resistant

Bullet resistant frames are available in custom sizes, and prepared with bullet resistant faces. Ask us about the lead time you need.


The frame that hinges on two rabbets. They can be on the same jambs or opposite jambs.


Detention frames are made from very heavy gauge steel and prepped for high security hardware.

Double egress

A double egress frame holds a pair of opposite swinging doors for high traffic hallways.

Dutch door frame

The frame is prepped for top and bottom leaves. A Dutch door shelf may also be installed on the bottom leaf.

Hospital stops

Cased open at the floor; there are no stops at the floor to trap debris.


3-sided frames with the weatherstripping on the sill that comes in contact with the door.

Lead lined

Radiation protection begins with this hollow metal frame. Either a half wrap or full wrap of lead lining depending on the swing of the door.

Pocket door frames

Pocket door frames can be single or bi-parting, and shipped-out welded or knocked-down (KD).


HMF Express can create the radius and angled frame(s) of your dreams and the door to fit inside it

Sound (STC)

Our wide variety of sound control openings cover a range from STC 38 up to STC 54.


This frame looks beautiful enough that it doesn't need powder coating. It looks even better with a stainless steel door to match.


Commercial FBC approved frames include 3-sided, transom, sidelight, and borrowed light frames.