Frame preps

Frames are prepared for hardware installation with cutouts, reinforcements, and function holes per the hardware manufacturer’s installation templates.

Closer preps frame

Frame closer reinforcements and preps are factory welded in place for convenient, quality installations.

Door position switches

With our expertise in customization, we can prep your door for an position switch.

Electric (EPT)

EPT, CEPT, SEPT, and other electric power transfer prep options.

Electric hinge

This prep with junction box is ideal for transferring power to your door through an integrated hinge conduit.

Flushbolt strikes

Flush bolt strike locations per your specs, either handed or non-handed.

Hardware mullion

Hardware mullions frame reinforcement for other manufacturer's removable hardware mullion.


A lock used for a double swinging door to give emergency staff access when blocked from one side.

Roller latches

Ideal for non-locking doors, typically a strike is prepped in the head or strike jamb.

Silencer prep

Silencer buttons reduce shutting noise and assure alignment and fit with the door latch.


Splicing helps you get large elevations to your workspace -- we have several option here.


We have the tabs and reinforcements to prep for both industry standard and custom strikes.