Hurricane Florence

HMF Express’ Wilmington operation was affected by Hurricane Florence, which forced us to shut down the Wilmington operation on Wednesday, September 12th.

We are happy to say that most of the wind and rain has left the Carolina coast and our Wilmington, NC facility. The building is in pretty good shape after the very slow moving storm moved through late last week and through the weekend. We hope soon to be able to start the process of getting back to what we love – making hollow metal and shipping it on time!

Wilmington, NC Update

Our Wilmington, NC facility is in pretty good shape after the very slow storm moved through late last week. We are hoping to get orders flowing ASAP. Below is an outline of our situation and goals

• Most of Wilmington (incl. our facility) is without power but emergency response crews are here and working hard to make repairs
• No ground transportation can move in or out of Wilmington currently
• We are working on moving orders to ship from our other facilities
• We are committed to shipping all orders currently in house before shipping any new orders
• Wilmington ship dates will be announced when freight carriers begin service again
• Our other facilities are open for orders as soon as all orders in-house are cleared
• Contact us for further information!

We will be in touch as we know more and conditions change!

07Oct 2018

Stronger than ever!

October 7, 2018 News

Hurricane Florence is behind us, HMF Express is ready to serve you again!

20Sep 2018

A New Day is Dawning

September 20, 2018 News
A new day

A new day as HMF Express’ Wilmington, NC plant recovers from hurricane Florence.

17Sep 2018

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

September 17, 2018 News
Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence throws up a road block in HMF Express’ efforts to serve you from our Wilmington, NC plant.

KD Sidelight 20-minute

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Tech Tips: Coordinators

August 19, 2018 News, Tips

There are 2 basic types of Coordinators. Both only require reinforcements in hollow metal frames for surface mounting.


Open back strikes are for use on the inactive leaf of a pair of doors when each door is required to operate independently for egress but remain secure without using a coordinator.