HMF Express masonry and drywall frames are constructed of 16-, 14- or 12- gauge cold-rolled steel or galvanized steel. All double-rabbeted frames are available fire rated from 4-1/2″ to 14″ jamb depths. All single-rabbeted frames are available fire rated from 3″ to 14″ jamb depth. We make jamb depths greater than 14″ without fire labels. All frames are available knock-down or factory welded.

We do lead lining, communicating frames, STC openings, over 40 jamb profiles, pocket frames, dutch door frames, bullet-resistant, access door frames, and much more! Contact our sales team for more details.


KD drywall 3-sided frame


For a professional installation you want to select frame anchors that best match your construction methods, and we can support them all! Find the most common anchoring methods listed below (or print them out here), or contact us about any anchor option not shown here.

Borrowed lights

Knocked-down drywall system borrow lights


Need to restock some shop supplies? Drop-shipping to a job site and want all the material to go together? Get the materials you need for the job from HMF Express! Looking for something you don't see here? Contact our sales team and ask!

Frame construction

Corner construction, frame profiles, preps, reinforcements, and other options.

Frame Types

We make large sizes, unusual shapes, Sidelights, Transoms, Borrowed Lights and other engineered openings. Order them welded, knocked-down or as stick material. Use our Elevation Drawing Templates to dimension your elevation or send us your drawings. See our technical details in the below links and contact our sales team to discuss your application. Generally elevation sections are available in 10' length. We will provide field splices for larger sections if necessary. Note: 5/8" minimum face dimension on sticks with masonry returns, and 1" minimum face dimension on frames with drywall returns.


Knocked-down drywall system sidelight frames

Specialty frames

Special applications require special frames. When your project requires a radius, bullet, sound transmission, or other special frame -- give us a call!


Knocked-down drywall system transom frames