Frame Types

We make large sizes, unusual shapes, Sidelights, Transoms, Borrowed Lights and other engineered openings. Order them welded, knocked-down or as stick material. Use our Elevation Drawing Templates to dimension your elevation or send us your drawings. See our technical details in the below links and contact our sales team to discuss your application.

Generally elevation sections are available in 10′ length. We will provide field splices for larger sections if necessary.

Note: 5/8″ minimum face dimension on sticks with masonry returns, and 1″ minimum face dimension on frames with drywall returns.


We manufacture over 40 different frame profiles frame profiles with any face, soffit, rabbet, return, or other dimension you request.

4-sided (access)

With unlimited possible opening height and width, HMF Express can provide a solution for any access problem

Borrowed (wall)

Borrow lights can typically be fire-rated to exceed the ratings of the wall.

Borrowed lights (special)

Full round, pie slices, polygons, alphabet, and more!

Corner posts

Corner post elevations create 3-dimensional work spaces -- conference rooms, exhibition space, and offices in open areas.


Half light units are a great way to provide lighting and sight lines between rooms and corridors.

Floor level

Borrowed light frames having glazing or panels extending to the floor.

Full light

Full side light frames extend from the top of the door opening to the floor.


Half side lights create very flexible and attractive entryways.

Multiple opening

Multiple opening frames with strike and/or hinge preps per your specification.


The right choice when your opening needs lights or panels on each side of the door opening.


Transom frames brighten any entrance and creatively use vertical space in an opening.

Transom sidelight

Transom frames with sidelights maximize the light and sight lines through any opening. Excellent for hallways, entrances, and exhibition spaces both interior and exterior.

Transom sidelights

Add mullions above the opening, on both sides, and as needed to create an unlimited number of effects.