Stock fasteners

Select from a variety of stock fasteners used with glazing bead, mounting plates, astragals, flush caps, existing masonry anchors (EMA), punch and dimpled anchors for studs, and for other installation requirements.

  • Flat astragal screw: #8-18 x ½” Phillips pan head #2 point self-drilling
Flat astragal screw
  • Z-astragal screw: #8 x ¾” Phillips flat head self-drilling
Flat astragal screw
  • Glazing bead screw: #8-18 x 1-1/4” Phillips pan head oval self-drilling
Glazing bead screw
  • Glazing bead screw: 8 x 1-1/4″ oval Torx tamper resistant self-drilling zinc-plated T-20 driver size
Glazing bead screw (tamper resistant)
  • Glazing bead screw: #8 x 2” Phillips self-drilling
Glazing bead screw
  • Adjustable base anchor screw: #12-24 x ½” Phillips pan head, type F thread cutting
Adj. base anchor screw
  • Wood screw: #24 x 4”
4-inch wood screw
  • EMA bolt: 3/8” x 5” Phillips flat head sleeve
EMA expansion bolt
  • EMA bolt: 3/8” x 6” Phillips flat head sleeve
EMA expansion bolt

Don’t see what you need here?

Contact one of our sales team members to discuss your application.  In most cases we can source the fastener that you need and include it in your order.


Note: Consult factory on larger projects