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HMF – The industry’s shortest lead times

Judge JambHMF began manufacturing custom metal doors and frames in 1989, quickly establishing itself as the manufacturer with the shortest lead times in the industry.  Now known as HMF Express, the company continues to set the standard for custom hollow metal with short lead times and innovative products.

“Turbo” orders ship the very same day you place them. You can also purchase “express” orders to ship in 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 days.  Our standard lead time is 8-10 days. Exceptionally large and complex order lead times can be longer, with ship dates confirmed at the time you order.

When you have a tight deadline, count on us. We commit to a ship date when your order is placed and we ship over 99.5% on-time or early.  This focus on customer service is uniquely captured in a classic series of advertisements that ran in Doors and Hardware magazine, including the one pictured here featuring “Judge Jamb.”

HMF Express doors and frames are fabricated to the highest industry standards, including the hollow metal manufacturers’ association specification ANSI/NAAMM HMMA 861 and others.  Our products are certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Warnock Hersey International (WHI), the Florida Building Counsel (FBC), and several independent quality assurance organizations.

With state of the art equipment and a talented team of industry professionals, HMF Express delivers all custom sizes and hardware preps in our commercial series doors, welded frames, knocked-down (KD) frames, and specialty products including stainless steel, sound (STC), bullet resistant, radius, and more.

Our business formula is simple. We review orders and clarify questions up-front. We ship orders on the day we say we will ship. We stand behind our quality 100%.

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