KD Sidelight 20-minute

HMF Express is proud to announce our newest product development: a 20-minute fire rated knock down drywall sidelight frame! 

This is the same great product that has been popular for years with installers everywhere for non-rated applications!

Product Details:

  • Rating: 20 minute tested without hose stream
  • Maximum door opening: 3’0 x 7’0
  • Maximum sidelight size: 2’0 x 6’10
  • Maximum sill face: 4″
  • Anchors: compression and base clips at jamb, reverse floor anchor at mullion and sill anchor
  • Glazing: any glazing material rated to 20 min without hose stream

Contact your sales representative for details about these products, or for any of your custom quick-ship needs.


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