Things to consider

  • Mortised on frame and surface mounted to recessed channel in door
  • Special 3/16” backset on frames – check template!
  • Expensive prep on frames and doors
  • Make sure your manufacturer is experienced with preps for this pivot
  • Minimum 2″ face for single return profiles

Red flags

  • Locations will be needed if ordering a frame
  • Extremely tight clearances – will likely need to grind off hinge corners
  • Hinges must be installed on door prior to hanging in frame
  • Mounting strip recommended for accurate hinge placement
  • Consult manufacturer for KD drywall applications (2 1/2″ face minimum & other considerations)
  • Experienced door hangers only – very tricky installation


Frame face (pull side) with door closed Frame rabbet (push side) with door open
Area of hinge that may need to be rounded (with grinder) for door to swing properly Recessed channel in hinge edge of door