Things to consider

  • Mortise locks use Govt. 86 prep: 1 ¼” wide x 8” high
  • Are face preps needed or 86 edge prep only?
  • Is the trim (face prep) escutcheon or sectional?
  • Is location given on door or frame?
  • Lock mounting at hollow metal manufacturer’s standard location?
  • Using standard 4 7/8” ASA strike?
  • Lock function will be needed for sectional trim prep

Red flags

  • Standard Govt. 86 prep needs 1 ¾” thick door minimum
  • Location may vary if used as a Deadlock only
  • Use with Electric strike could affect mounting location or strike needed
  • Location of actual latch bolt varies per lock manufacturer
  • CL of lock is 3/8” BELOW CL ASA strike
  • Electric mortise lock functions will require conduit raceway to power source (electric hinge or EPT)



Mortise lock with escutheon trim

 Universal 86 prep for escutheon trim



Mortise lock with sectional trim


Mortise lock with special sectional trim