• Installed in the top and/or bottom of an inactive door leaf
  • Types include:
   Flush Bolt  
Manual Automatic Self-latching
  • Strike types include:
(automatic or manual)
(automatic or manual)
Lipped strike
(e.g.: T-strike) (self-latching)

Things to Consider:

Start with the manufacturer and model number, then pull the template from the manufacturer’s website.

  • Are top & bottom flush bolts used?
  • Are location centerlines 12” from the top and/or bottom?
  • Typical mortised edge preps is ~ 6 3/4” x 1”.
  • What type of astragal is being used (Z, flat, U Channel)?

What type of strike is required? (Note: there is no ANSI standard).

  • Will a Non-Handed strike work? Is it OK with your customer?
  • Are door pairs equal or unequal?

Red Flags:

These “red flags” will identify potential specification issues:

  • Self-latching and automatic flush bolts can require special preps
  • Doors over 7-0 tall often use extension rods usually purchased separately
  • Quantity: 1 or 2? (Top only or top and bottom)
  • FB’s vary based on wood or metal door. Wood door types are not for use on metal doors