Things to Consider

  • For use in new sheet rock walls
  • For use during wall construction
  • Anchor installs in jambs and is connected via screws or nails to wood stud wall framing
  • Ships welded into throat of frame
  • Minimum 5/8” gap between each return and edge of anchor for sheet rock to pass
  • 1 anchor needed for each 30” of jamb (not used in head or sill)
  • 16 gauge and ?” long
  • Anchor consists of 2 straps which are open between to wrap wood stud
  • Approved for use in fire rated walls up to 3 hours (180 minutes)
  • Cannot be lost in transit or on job sites
  • Also uses standard base anchor for fastening to floor before wall construction


Red Flags

  • Must be noted if anchor needs a flat surface for stud to fasten against
  • Not intended for use in steel stud framed walls


Wood stud anchor Wood stud anchor with stud Standard base anchors
Clear view of wood stud anchor Clear view with wood stud Adjustable base anchor