Things to Consider

  • For use in new sheet rock walls
  • For use during wall construction
  • Anchor installs in jambs and is connected via screws to steel stud wall framing
  • Ships welded into throat of frame
  • Minimum 5/8” gap between each return and edge of anchor for sheet rock to pass
  • 1 anchor needed for each 30” of jamb (not used in head on 3-sided frames)
  • 16 gauge “Z” shaped anchor
  • Flat backside of anchor is even with back of frame profile
  • Approved for use in fire rated walls up to 3 hours (180 minutes)
  • Can not be lost in transit or on job sites
  • Also uses standard base anchor for fastening to floor before wall construction

Red Flags

  • Must be noted if anchor needs to be recessed in frame
  • Not intended for use in wood stud framed walls
  • Framed walls are rarely 100% plumb, square, and level. JD = wall thickness + 1/8” for best results.
Dwg  No Stud  With Stud
Steel stud anchor Anchor in frame Fastens to steel stud


Overhead  base-anchor  adjustable-base-anchor
Overhead view Standard base anchors Adjustable base anchor optional