Things to Consider

  • Also referred to as “Mutes”
  • Makes the closing of a door quieter as it contacts the frame
  • Provides a 1/8” gap between door face and stop of frame
  • Prevents wear and tear on the door and frame
  • 3 are mounted on the strike side single opening frames in the stop
  • Located 6” from top to CL, 6” from bottom to CL, and at ASA CL (or frame CL on some)
  • 2 are mounted on the head of paired opening frames in the stop
  • Located 6” CL from frame CL for each leaf


Red Flags

  • Critical for frames in new masonry walls to have silencers installed prior to installation to prevent mortar leakage through silencer holes
  • Silencers and holes not required on frames using adhesive applied smoke seal weatherstripping


Silencer is 1/2″ wide x 1/8″ high and is made of rubber or similar compound Silencer prep is 9/32″ hole centered in stop of frame. 3/single frame, 2/pair frame Silencer installed in prep
On single openings, the silencer is either in center of the opening, or at CL of strike Silencers on paired opening are 12” apart (or 6” BS from CL of opening) Double egress pairs have 1 silencer on each “side” of the head