Things to Consider

Is it a new or existing opening?

Is a radius dimension available?

Will the door have a radius top as well?

Radius frame top and a square door is an easy way to save money.

Does the frame have an “Arched” top?

(Arched will be radius sides coming to a point at top of frame)

An elevation or picture of the opening will be required for pricing and construction.

Are the mullions in the radius are of the frame?

Red Flags

Is the frame a true radius or an ellipse? (See detail for differences)

(Ellipse is much more expensive than radius)

Will a cardboard or wood template be supplied to match?

(Working from a traced template is more expensive than a known radius)

Single rabbet profile is harder and more expensive than double rabbet

Small or tight radius dimensions can create added costs as well

Available as non fire rated only


Radius vs Ellipse Radius Top Frame Arch Top Frame
ellipse-vs-radius radius-top arch-top
Radius Top with Square Door Opening Virtually Any Design Possible Round Borrowed Light with Center Glazing
money-saver with-mullions round-bl