Things to Consider

  • For use in new sheet rock walls, existing masonry walls, or existing stud walls
  • For use during (stud applications) or after (existing applications) wall construction
  • Ships loose
  • Anchor installs loose in jambs
  • 1 anchor needed for each 30” of jamb (not used in head or sill)
  • 16 gauge
  • Ears or straps vary from 2” to 4” long
  • Anchor is designed for socking distributor use to reduce SKU’s (1 vs. 3 anchor types)
  • Approved for use in fire rated walls up to 3 hours (180 minutes)
  • Also uses standard base anchor for fastening to floor before wall construction


Red Flags

  • Anchors are JD specific and only available in ½” increments from 5 ¾” to 8 ¾” JD
  • Designed for use with 2” faces only
  • Adjustable base anchors are available but must be specified
  • Since anchors are shipped loose – they can be lost in transit or on job sites


MP anchor used for wood stud MP anchor used for steel stud MP anchor used for existing wall
Overhead view

MP anchor for wood stud

Overhead view

MP anchor for steel stud

Overhead view

MP anchor for existing wall