Door preps

Information outlining the steps and/or details of door preparations before another product is installed

161 Turtle Prep

Testing item...

Auto operator

This device actuates the door with the push of a button. Great for handicapped access.


Put extra steel under the frequent heavy loads of door closers.

Cutout only

Cutout-only doors are made with the number of openings, opening size and shapes that you specify.

Door position switches

With our expertise in customization, we can prep your door for an position switch.

Electric (EPT)

Door electric power transfers (EPTs) align with matching frame preps to bring power to door electronics.

Exit devices

Exit device preps and reinforcements such as for panic bars and vertical rods.

Fire bolt

The fire bolt is used to improve life safety and meet fire code requirements.

Flush bolt

Door edge and end construction preparations for installing industry standard flush bolts.

Hinge prep door

Our standard hinge prep & back set is used with 4 1/2" and 5" hinges, both standard weight and heavy weight.

Holders & stops

Extra steel plate where you need it for surface hardware, like holders and stops.


Factory lock and deadbolt preps reduce installation time and costs, and assure a professional, secure result.

Mag & shear locks

Very high security locking systems may require inset top caps or special reinforcement or cutouts.


Typical details about top, bottom, and intermediate pivots prep options.


Attachment point for surface mounted handles, plates, and other hardware.


Rescue hardware is common in health care and assisted-living applications.

Roller latches

A spring-loaded roller mortised into the door edge that will engage a strike mortised into the frame jamb.


Strikes, typically ASA or T-strikes, are common in the inactive leaf of a door pair.

Surface bolt

A 12 gauge reinforcement that can be welded inside the throat on the face door side or the soffit butted up to the door stop


A great way to see who at your door without having to open the door. With many possible viewer options, we can prep any door to fit your viewer.