Things to Consider

  • Consists of body & arm – One attaches to door and other to frame
  • Can be surface mounted or mortised in door / frame / or both
  • Maximum degree of opening is limited (usually around 110 o)
  • Templated for 1 ¾” doors (other thickness may not work)
  • Available for single swing or double acting
  • Designed primarily for butt hinges and center or offset pivots
  • Most are non-handed
  • Different sizes available based mostly on door width
  • Can be stop only, hold open only, or combination stop / holder
  • Grout box will be required for use in new masonry walls

Red Flags

  • Templated locations are measured to CL of hinge or pivot knuckle
  • Swing clear hinges require revised templates / different hardware / special attention
  • Mounting and operation may not be possible with some closer types and applications or could require special brackets
  • May be restrictions on push or pull side mounting


Components of overhead stop / holder Surface mounted application Concealed mounting application
Template showing location to CL of hinge knuckle Template notes if unit will work with swing clear hinges Surface mounted with special bracket & concealed closer