Freight damage

Freight damage happens.

There is nothing more frustrating than getting ready to deliver materials to the job site, and you unpack the frame or doors only to find them damaged in transit. We work hard to package material so that no damage occurs, but unfortunate things can happen at freight terminals.

How do you avoid the hassle of a last minute surprise and having to file a freight claim? Here are some important tips:

  • Fully unwrap all crates / pallets, and inspect frames and doors BEFORE the freight truck driver leaves your facility.
  • Note any damage to frames or doors on the bill of lading (BOL) before you sign.
  • If there is damaged material that is not fixable, unload any good material from a pallet and refuse a partial shipment.
  • If all material is damaged, refuse the whole shipment.
  • Call your HMF Express Salesperson immediately to report the damage.

Once you complete the above steps, HMF Express will initiate a freight claim and get the remake started.

HMF Express will help

If you note the damage on the BOL or you reject the damaged freight, HMF Express does ALL the heavy lifting with the freight claims. If you find concealed damage after the truck has left your dock, we will ask you to report the damage to the freight carrier.  After you notify them, we will remake the order and file the freight claim.

Don’t be tricked by freight damage – follow these instructions and you’ll be all treats!

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