Movies are a big part of the American experience. They instantly connect us to some of the best times in our lives and a flood of cherished memories. Many film characters become a part of iconic American folklore and often reflect who we would want to be on our best days. Sometimes, those movie characters […]


“You want me to do what? Meet you at the job site to measure existing frames for door and hardware replacement?”
In our continuing efforts to help our distributor friends, we have a number of useful tools on our website for when you’re called upon to measure existing openings or for door installation.

Angled sidelight

We made a sidelight with an angled mullion in one our downstairs offices. This frame has a 1 3/4″ removable panel at the bottom, a 1/4″ removable panel in the middle, and glass in the top. Another fine job by the engineers and manufacturing folks!

Florida building code hurricane palm trees

HMF Express now has an extensive set of hollow metal approvals to the 2014 version of the Florida Building Code (FBC). The listings include side light and transom frame openings, borrowed lights, …

Radius frame in brick wall

HMF Express is a great source for radius top frames, and we’ll work with you to make sure you get exactly what your customer needs.

We can work from your drawings or specifications, and it is common for us to match a cardboard template that you send in from a tracing made on the job site…

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