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Even in a perfect world, the job of the door and hardware distributor is extremely demanding. (Kudos to you in these roles!) Every good distributor has a style, a philosophy, or a way of doing business that has gotten them to where they are now. With your reputation on the line with every order, great distributors must have great vendors to be successful. So what steps can you take to ensure that your vendor partners will help protect and enhance your business reputation and help you in your difficult role as a distributor?…


A good distributor should respond to contractor concerns. Contractors rightly expect their door and hardware supplier to be their door, frame and hardware expert. But when a contractor calls with a field installation issue, what is the best way for a good distributor to.. respond? The stark reality of business is that there is very little time to drop what you are doing and visit a jobsite every time your contractor calls with a door or frame fitting issue…


Recently published in Doors and Hardware (September 2014)

WHEN THE MARKET SHRANK IN 2009 AND 2010, many door and hardware distributors adopted a “low price” strategy to survive. Sales have improved somewhat since then, but profits have not returned to historical levels. Faced with weak margins, distributors now have three choices of how to raise profits: lower costs further, raise prices, or shift to a higher-margin business strategy based on better service…